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On this episode of LVAD Talk with Sonya Jackson

We discussed...

VA to CA in hopes of having a better chance at getting a heart

Being a breast cancer survivor

Getting the cancer call at work

The heart failure diagnosis

Her internal motivation - Life is not a game

The strange sounds our hearts make now

The importance of mental health and LVAD’s

LVAD, six flags and roller coasters

Heart condition and marching band

Step out of your comfort zone and be great!

And much more!

Let's have a conversation with Sonya Jackson

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LVAD Lifestyle, tips, tricks and encouragement….. “I AM MY BRAND 🙃”

Designer, CEO and Inventor SJ formally known as…

~Sonya Jackson~

“Glass can be broken and permanently damaged. However, a puzzle 🧩 can fall apart and be placed back together in due time”