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LVAD Talk with Jasmine Morrison

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On this episode of LVAD Talk with Jasmine Morrison

We discussed...

Being from the south and knowing how to cook!

Finding out she had postpartum myopathy

How her LVAD made her strength in God stronger

Concerns of a single mother and getting a LVAD

What her recovery was like

Needing a strong support system to be successful with recovery

Her kids being her ultimate motivation

Are you going for transplant or are you happy with your LVAD

The struggles of having a LVAD and being a pisces!

Self esteem and love life after the LVAD

LVAD is not the end of the world!

And much more!

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Jasmine MorrisonProfile Photo

Jasmine Morrison

Hello!! I’m 29 years young. I was diagnosed with heart failure at age 26. I received my LVAD on October 29,2020. Have faith, stay positive and everything will be just fine. My