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On this episode of LVAD Talk with Kayla Lewis

We discussed...

How she discovered she had heart failure

Heart failure and college life

When you code and lose a few days

When you have to get a LVAD and don't know what it is

Not understanding the symptoms of heart failure

How long after getting the LVAD how long before you started feeling like you

The recovery process

Working after the LVAD

Going back to college after the LVAD

Batteries beeping in class…

Making YouTube videos how I got into it

The 10 day challenge

And much more!

Let's have a conversation with Kayla Lewis

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Kayla LewisProfile Photo

Kayla Lewis

My name is Kayla Lewis. I am 22 years old. I am a senior at Georgia State University. I graduate this Fall 2021. I was diagnosed with heart failure in 2018, so when I was 19 years old. Heart failure doesn’t run in my family, and everything else that can cause heart failure didn’t apply to me, so doctors believe that I had a virus that attacked my heart. I was in and out of the hospital frequently, so I eventually had to take a semester off of school. In 2018, I had the LVAD placed inside of me. I was able to leave the hospital after 11 days of having the LVAD. I started back school in 2019 and I am almost finished. I haven’t had any symptoms since I’ve had the LVAD and I try to live as much of a normal life as I can. My goal is to start a YouTube channel so that I can tell my testimony because I feel that is my purpose sin this world.