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LVAD Talk with Olivia Rose 2.0

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On this episode of LVAD Talk with Olivia Rose

We discussed...

Getting vaccinated and traveling!

Getting in the pool for the first time since transplant

What it was like dealing with strokes

The recovery from all strokes are not the same

Learning how to speak and write again, and still learning 2 years later

When God speaks you have to listen

Lvad recovery is worse than transplant recovery

What is worse the physical recovery or mental health recovery

Confidence after the LVAD

The battery it a purse

Afib and flying does 30,000 ft make it worse?

Water being our kryptonite and nightmares

Cardiac rehab

Still dealing with being a high stroke risk

African Americains and heart diease and slavery is it related?

Pain meds and not trying to enjoy them

Did her discipline help with her recovery

And much more!

Let's have a conversation with Olivia Rose

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